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About Tanya Goldbeck

Tanya specializes in motivating children to be all that they can be. She works with future teachers, parents and professionals to simplify ways of determining learning strategies that lead to success. Her approach is to create ideas and build and develop these strategies into activities. Applying these techniques to the classroom engages the university student to think and create ways to teach so that learning takes place. Sometimes kids need help putting the pieces of childhood together.

  • Ed.D. Educational Leadership: NOVA Southeastern University 2000 - 2005
    Dissertation: “The Brain That Reads”
  • 1992 - Tx. State Board of Examiners of Marriage/Family Counselors #0375
  • 1986 - Tx. State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors #3801
  • M.Ed. Education: Lamar University, Beaumont, Texas 1973-1975
    B.S. Education
    M.Ed. Education - Professional Educational Diagnostician
    Professional Counselor - Provisional Early Childhood-Exceptional Children
    Professional Supervision


  • Irlen Syndrome SSS (2006)
  • Brain-Based Learning (2005)
  • Elementary Education (1970)
  • Professional Supervision (1973)
  • Early Childhood Education-Exceptional Children (1974)
  • Professional Educational Diagnostician (1975)
  • Professional Counselor (1977)
  • State Department of Public Welfare Childcare Certification (1976)
  • Magic Circle Counseling Instructor (1974)
  • Educational Kinesiology I, II (1987)

State Licenses:

  • Texas State Board Examiners of Professional Counselors #3801 (since 1986)
  • Licensed Marriage & Family Counselor #0375-0368 (since 1992)

Employment Experience:

  • 2009 to2015 - Assistant Professor, Teacher Education at Lamar University
  • 2003-2009 Adjunct Instructor, Professional Pedagogy at Lamar University
  • October, 2006 Educational Specialist, Counselor, Diagnostician
    Goldbeck Learning Clinic
    80 IH 10 North | Suite 211 | Beaumont, TX 77702
    Goals include client centered education, counseling, and diagnostic services.
    Educational consultation includes design of new and successful ways to enhance
    learning and increase productivity.
  • Effective January, 2005 – September, 2006 Education Program Director
    Duties centered on program development and design, diagnostic evaluations,
    counseling, educational training, teacher training, and program evaluation. Client
    centered services became the priority.
  • February, 1995 – January, 2005 Executive Director/Professional Counselor/Diagnostician
    Shorkey Education and Rehabilitation Center (formerly CP Rehabilitation)
    855 South 8th Street, Beaumont, Texas 77701
    Administration duties include financial management, program design
    and implementation, management of PT, OT, Aquatic, Education, and
    diagnostic services, and staff training and direction. Professional duties
    include: diagnostic evaluations, counseling, educational training, teacher
    training, and practicum supervision for professional students obtaining
    a degree in PT, OT, and Special Education.
  • September, 2003 – present Adjunct Instructor/Lamar University/Department of Pedagogy
    2005 – present Speaker and Consultant: Hearit Company
  • September, 1982 – September, 2001 Professional Counselor/Educational Diagnostician
    Goldbeck & Goldbeck Educational & Counseling
    7985 Phelan Blvd., Beaumont, Texas 77706
    Owner/operator. Specialty areas: diagnostic testing, identification of individual learning styles; assisting individuals with learning disabilities and deficiencies; consultant work with area agencies (Texas Rehabilitation, Department of Human Resources, local school districts), public speaking. Seminar training is provided in areas of behavior,
    education, family and parenting issues. Participate in court ordered diagnostic evaluations and/or expert testimony regarding parenting issues. Participate in bi-weekly TV news program as “Family Matters” expert.
  • September, 1979 – May, 1982
    Counselor Department of Protective Services
    Responsible for counseling the victim and family of a child abuse situation, worked to negotiate the return to the natural home of those who had been removed due to poor parenting.
  • August, 1976 – May, 1982 Administrative/Educational Diagnostician
    Beaumont Independent School District
    Beaumont, Texas
    Management of government-funded special programs, emphasizing accountability and efficiency to continued funding. Responsible for budget, program progress, and development of new goals/directions. Other responsibilities included personnel hiring and supervising, and staff development. Developed a district program for education and training of unwed teenage mothers.
  • 1978 - 1982 Adjunct Instructor
    Lamar University, Division of Technical Arts
    Beaumont, Texas
  • August, 1975- May 1976 Educational Diagnostician
    Seagull Coop
    Rockport, Texas
  • August, 1970 – July 1975
    West Orange Cove ISD
    Orange, Texas
    Worked in the following capacities:
    Head Teacher: Early Childhood for the Handicapped, Beaumont ISD, 1973. Involved in first program of this kind, returned to West Orange Cove to set up and lead their program.
    Program Supervisor/Teacher: First and second grade, open classroom concept leader.
  • Summer Work
    Consultant: Early Childhood
    Teacher: LLD Program
    Remedial Reading Instructor
    Supervisor: Campfire program
    Special testing for learning programs
    At that time, “open classroom” and “individualized instruction” were key educational issues. I was responsible for innovating new ideas in the district and was given the freedom to develop them in the classroom. Supervision and follow-up was the provided to other staff and programs.
  • September, 1967 – July 1969
    Lamar University
    Beaumont, Texas
    Various positions to put myself through college.


  • 2014
    Registration and Grading Committee (university)
    Search Committee: 2 Faculty Positions – Generalist (discipline)
    Strategic Plan (discipline)
    Phase II (Chair Person) (discipline) – NCATE
    Assessment –WEAVE/SACS/NCATE/CAEP (discipline)
    Curriculum (discipline)
    FLC (university)
    Recruitment (discipline)
    Syllabi Detail: Dyslexia (discipline)
  • 2013
    Registation and Grading Committee
    Phase II (Chair Person)
    FLC (Facilitator)
    Outstanding Student Teacher
    Curriculum (worked to insert skill sequences into syllabi: ELL, Reading,
    Techniques for Applying Strategies for Deaf Students, Dyslexia, etc.)
    Student Mentor: Tutoring for test taking strategies, scheduled some students for regular on-going session
    Community: ARC, Single’s Christian Connection, Girl’s Haven (volunteer)
  • Arc Lifetime Achievement Advocacy Award - April 2012
  • 2012
    Phase II (Chair Person)
    2012 Research Conference (Chair Person)
    2012: Continued participation on departmental committees as needed Individual Tutorials: prepared for state tests, working individually with students who had special needs
    Community: Single’s Christian Connection and Community Outreach, ARC, Journey (volunteer)
    Conference: 23rd Law Conference for Educators (6 hours)
    Taught the Law Course while the professor was out of the country. The students desired to attend the conference so I attended with them.
  • 2011
    Search Committee: Student Teacher Supervisor
    MAT Degree Planning
    Graduate Faculty
    Phase II (NCATE)
    Field Work Planning
    Department Committees (as needed)
    Board: ARC of Greater Beaumont
    Fund Raising: Annual Chr. Card Campaign (ARC)
    Teacher: Single’s Christian Connection (weekly)
    Volunteer: Vladimir Children’s Hospital (mentor critically ill children)
    Volunteer: Home Visits (elderly/needy)
  • 2010
    Search Committee: Faculty Department Chair
    MAT Degree Planning
    Phase II (Chair Person)
    Academic Partnership
    TK20 Transition
    Education Research Conference Committee
    Spring Open House
    Board: ARC of Greater Beaumont
    Board: Strategic Planning/Needs Assessment (ARC)
    Teacher: Single’s Christian Connection (weekly)
    Fundraising: Mexico Orphanage (went at Thanksgiving to do activities and give presents)
  • 2009
    IHE Teacher Preparation – TEA/IDEA (state level)
    McNair Scholarship Mentor (university)
    McMaster’s Honor’s Program Mentor (university)
    Post-Bac Academic Partnership
    PPR: Application of Standards
    Volunteer: Russia (teaching, home visits, hospital, orphanages)
    Volunteer: Mexico (Laredo), interactions with needy, orphans
    Teacher: Single’s Christian Connection (weekly)
    Board: ARC
  • Cerebral Palsy Rehabilitation Board (1986-1995, President 1992)
  • Beaumont Civic Ballet Society (1984 -1991, President 1991)
  • Texas Association for Children with Learning Disabilities
  • Texas Association for Counseling and Development
  • Mental Health Association
  • South Texas Educational for Young Children
  • “I Have a Dream” Program Mentor
  • Child Development Council, Lamar University (1989 – 1999)
  • Volunteer/Consultant; numerous committees and community work
  • Teacher – Cathedral in the Pines Adult Singles Class
  • Received “Dr. Shorkey” Award for Outstanding Service to Children

Topics of Seminars/Workshops Conducted : (list of major topics)

  • (Focus: “Teaching So That Learning Takes Place”)
  • Inclusion and Modifications: What Works!
  • June 2009 - Vladimir, Russia - Women and Children's Crisis Center
    Taught area professionals hands on techniques to reach the child who has suffered neglect and abuse
  • Learning Disability Specialty Areas
  • ADD/ADHD Truths and Myths
  • Organization and Integration: Major Components of the Learning Process
  • Family Relations (“Mending the Hurts”)
  • The Brain That Reads
  • Phonological Amplification To Enhance Comprehension
  • Establishing a Sensory Balance
  • Effects of Anxiety
  • Stress Management
  • Enhancing Family Communication Skills
  • Brain Based Learning
  • Child Development
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Special Needs
  • Dealing with Misbehavior & Establishing a Positive Classroom Management System
  • Positive Homework Strategies
  • Speaker: “News at Noon,” KFDM, Channel 6; (bi-weekly, various topics)

Research, Scholarship, Creative Activities

  • 2014 - St. Catherine’s School: “Parent/Student/Teacher Organizational Strategies and Motivation,” (research design, booklet preparation)
  • 2014 - Education Today: Trends and Research: “Teaching So That Learning Takes Place,” (worked with a student with research design and creation of reading games and materials focusing on multi-modal processing)
    Education Today: Trends and Research: ”High School to College Transition,” (current research on 50% freshman drop-out rate)
  • 2014 - Duke Tip Texas Recognition Ceremony: “Motivation-Reach Up,” (key note speaker)
  • 2014 - Christus Live Well Woman’s Conference: “Empowering Your Children, Guilt Free,” (main speaker)
  • 2013 - Facilitated Faculty Learning Community Research Project High School to College Transition (presented Showcase to university audience for Pres. And Provost, received IRB approval to research further, worked with 12 fellow faculty members from other disciplines)
  • 2013 - Education Today: Trends and Research: “Violence Against Women,” (facilitated and summarized the cycle of abuse)
  • 2013 - Education Today: Trends and Research: “Understanding Students’ High-School- To College Transition,” Poster Presentation
  • 2013 - Duke University Talent Tip: “Climbing the Success Ladder,” Duke University Talent Search/Texas Recognition Ceremony/Lamar University, keynote speaker.
  • 2013 - TAIR Conference: “Skimming and Scanning for Meaning,” presented.
  • 2013 - Dissertation Committee: “Brain-Based Teaching of Writing,” Lamar University: English Department, Cynthia McBride, direction of dissertation, mentor for content.
  • 2013 - Teaching Booklet: “The Brain That Reads,” completed with four classroom students.
  • 2013 - Submitted proposal/denied: National Dyslexia Association: “How Can You Strenghten Monologue to Strengthen Working Memory?”
  • 2012 - McGraw-Hill Global Education Department (New York): “Understanding and Solving the Reading Crisis in America.” presented.
  • 2012 - Submitted proposal/demined: Kappa Delta Pi, “Teacher Leadership,” book chapter.
  • 2012 - Duke University Talent Tip: “Climbing the Ladder to Success,” Texas Recognition Ceremony/Lamar University, keynote speaker.
  • 2012 - Lamar Blast-Off for Faculty: “Higher Order Thinking, Critical Thinking, Problem Solving.”
  • 2012 - IDEA Schools (Weslaco, Texas): “Do You Hear What I Hear?” presented.
  • 2012 - TAIR Conference: “The Brain That Reads,” presented.
  • 2011 - Education Today: Trends and Research, “Improving the Reading Process,” presented.
  • 2011 - Celebration of Teaching/Lamar University: “The Art of Communication,” presented, also recruited area students to Lamar’s education department.
  • 2011 - Baptist Hospital: “Current Information on ADD/ADHD,” presented.
  • 2011 - TEA/IDEA (Austin, Texas): “The State of the State,” attended and reviewed for professional pedagogy department.
  • 2011 - Catholic Schools: “Holistic Teaching Strategies,” (8 hour seminar for all the teachers in each area Catholic school)
  • 2010 - Education Today: Trends and Research: “E’s for Ethics,” presented and provided continuing education credits for professionals.
  • 2010 - International Research Conference (New Orleans, La): “The Brain That Reads: Applying Brain Research to Strategies That Enhance Reading Proficiency,” – Presented.
  • 2010 - Vladimir, Russia: “Copying Mechanisms: Working with Abused and Neglected Children,” presented to psychiatrists, hospital staff, mental health therapists, Put the information into a booklet and printed it, it was reprinted in Russia so they could keep the current research and methodology.
  • 2010 - Optimist Club: “Cyberbullying,” professional judge for citizenship speeches.
  • 2010 - Lamar-Orange: “Uniquely You,” presented at the staff conference.
  • 2010 - Kelly High School: “Current Issues in Brain Development,” panel chair for presentation by the Tarnow Institute (who presented current research).
  • 2010 - St. Elizabeth Live Well Woman’s Conference: “Self-Esteem and Personal Significance,” presented to over 350.
  • 2010 - Celebration of Teaching/Lamar University: “Inspire, Shape and Teach for Tomorrow (Engaging Today’s Student). – presented.
  • 2010 - KFDM Listens: “Current ADD/ADHD Issues,” facilitator for current research, answered question on open forum.
  • 2009 - Region V: “Positive Tips for Motivating and Working With Low Socio- Economic Populations,” presented current research.
  • 2009 - St. Elizabeth Live Well Woman’s Conference: “Gift of Forgiveness,” speaker.
  • 2009 - Legacy Christian Academy: “Tips for Effective Teaching and Differentiation of Instruction,” all day seminar, recruited for Lamar, they ended up using several of our faculty members for future seminars, created “Lamar’s Professional Pedagogy,” as experts in the field.
  • 2009 - Lamar University Student Teachers: “Alternative Assessments with Lesson Planning,” presented, created booklet of instructional handouts to be used in the classroom upon graduation.
  • 2009 - Hearit: “Using Phonological Amplification to Allow the Brain to Read,” prepared by students in the reading class who had children with this problem, presented the current research and applied all skills to literacy training.
  • 2009 - Continuing Education: “Best-Ever Anxiety Treatments,” then applied to teaching in the Assessment course – regarding test anxiety
  • 2009 - McNair Scholar: “Learning Styles” – mentor, direction of thesis
  • 2008 - McNair Scholar: “Behavioral Therapy” – mentor, direction of thesis


Present goals include applying years of experience and knowledge to teacher training to be able to meet the needs of the student educated in the 21st century. My philosophy is “Give me a fish and I eat for a day, Teach me to fish and I eat for a lifetime.” Specialize in service provision in a way that professional skills (of counseling, teaching, and diagnostic work) are used to meet the needs of others.