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From Richard's Family

When we acquired emergency custody of our grandson, Taylor, he was in an emotional crisis. A counselor was desperately needed, so we sought the professional help of Ms. Tanya Goldbeck. She was highly recommended by a friend who used Ms. Goldbeck at Goldbeck and Goldbeck some years ago, and was very satisfied with her services.

Six year old Taylor had recently received an extensive beating and CPS determined that his abuse was severe. He had extreme social behavior problems due to the lengthiness and multiplicity of the abuse. Taylor failed kindergarten, hurt other children and had no friends. He would manifest panic attacks, symptoms of personality split, and emotional shutdowns. He clearly had “Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome”, and was a difficult case to handle at best.

Thanks to Ms. Goldbeck, in just eight short months, Taylor is now a happy well adjusted little boy, who is calmly able to work through his remaining issues. He has lots of friends, no more panic attacks, improved self esteem, and is handling his past trauma, present fears, as well as life’s situations well.

Ms. Goldbeck’s excellent relationship with area educators has proven invaluable. Ms. Goldbeck communicated with the principle regarding integrating Taylor into 1st grade instead of having to repeat kindergarten. Fortunately she agreed with Ms. Goldbeck’s rational, as repeating kindergarten would have that confirmed in his mind that he was a failure and further destroyed his self esteem. Ms. Goldbeck also coordinated care plans with his 1st grade teacher. We are thrilled to report that he has all A’s and one B in 1st grade and all excellent behavior. To go from banging his head repeatedly on the table when the teacher asked him to pick up a pencil, to this, is amazing. Taylor’s teacher is thrilled with his progress and said that Taylor’s behavior is like night and day.  

Please, know that this could not have been accomplished without Ms. Goldbeck’s expertise and services. Her skill, patience, and love have won his broken heart. Ms. Goldbeck helped give him confidence, control, and hope in life.

We adopted Taylor on March 3rd 2004 and his new name is Richard. He has a new beginning, a new life, and lots of hope, joy along with laughter in his life. How can I say thank you enough…

From the Keith's Family

In 1981, our oldest son was having trouble keeping up in school.  We took him to Goldbeck and Goldbeck for testing and counseling.  After extensive testing, we learned his abilities were not impaired, he was suffering from laziness.  After tutoring in the Goldbeck clinic, he was able to catch up in his classes.

Fast forward to 2004, he is now a father of two children and both children were having great difficulty in their studies.  We did not have to think twice about where we should take them for help, Tanya Goldbeck. 

Unfortunately, their diagnosis' was not as simple as their father's.  Ms. Goldbeck has been with them as they have traveled the path of children with learning disabilities.  She has tested them, tutored them, counseled them, stood with us as we work with the school system to provide for their special needs, but most importantly, been the friend they can share their hearts with.

Recently, our granddaughter was involved in a devastating wreck while on vacation. A car full of teenagers ran a stop sign and hit the 18-wheeler her mom was driving. She watched the screaming faces of the girls, as they crashed into the truck below her door. All the teens in the car were killed, as the big rig rolled on its side.  Ms. Goldbeck was our first call after learning about the accident.  She was able to give us insight on what our granddaughter would be going through.  She opened her appointment book to us, after our son returned to Beaumont with her.  It has been a difficult time, but she knows there is someone she can call and share.

We are a family of two generations indebted to the gifts of Tanya Goldbeck.

I have worked with Tanya the past year at the Shorkey Center. She is instrumental in providing educational tools and guidance for many individuals within the community, especially children with learning difficulties. Tanya practices with a passion and zest for teaching others how to improve their everyday life. She is gifted in many ways and has a true talent for teaching others. Tanya is knowledgeable about many community resources and educational techniques, tools, and systems in order to help others improve their learning abilities and interactions with others. Michelle Kuehn

I had the pleasure of working with Tanya Goldbeck at the Shorkey Center in 2005. She is a very professional and thorough individual. Mrs. Goldbeck also tested two of my children for educational needs. The testing and suggestions she made for my children have made such a difference in my children's educational special needs. I would refer anyone to Tanya Goldbeck for counseling or testing. Donna Rizzotto

Excerpts from testimonials:

…How can I possibly begin my new job without thanking you for being a lifetime mentor for me? I remember you telling me that it did not matter what learning disability I had, but that I could use my creativity and apply it to children who struggle. That was the beginning of my teaching career and I have succeeded…you truly taught me “the sky’s the limit.”…
J. Brammer

…I don’t know how to express my thanks for you carrying me through such a low point in my life. You not only gave me mental support, but you guided me spiritually. You really listened and I was able to become healthier…

…You taught me pride, patience, encouragement, and most of all self-esteem. Now, I can go forward.
E. Allen

…Thank you so much for your genuine concern regarding the welfare of my family. I fought back tears when you talked so clearly to me. Your depth and perception overwhelmed me, but got my attention and I am going to work to put my family back together.

The compassion and caring you show your clients is so real. I was able to learn to trust God and turn my situation over. The relief I felt was tremendous, but I could not have done that without knowing that someone truly cared about me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
S. Smith

..Your patience and caring nature with my daughter can never be repaid. You are such a source of encouragement and have the ability to see the positive in all situations. Thank you for helping me learn the importance of finding the best even when times are rough.
D. C.

You kindness with my daughter has been so special. She has learned about herself in addition to learning effective study habits. This will not only help her for next year, but for her whole life and I thank you.
A. Alomo

You gave me help and support when I needed it. You boosted my self-esteem and helped me believe in myself. When you helped me with my assignments, you gave me encouragement. Thank you for being my teacher and my friend.

Your confidence in me was so appreciated. I cannot tell you how much I have learned while working for you. It is your love for what you do that so motivated me. I hope one day to be able to reach out to hurting people just the way you do.

I am so thankful for the years of experience I had working with you. Your training has helped me gain compliments from others about how well I do with children. I know you are busy, but you never failed to teach me a positive way to interact with the children.

Your “God-given” talent for building up the self-esteem of others has affected my life forever. Let me know if you every need anything as I would like to give back a portion of what you have given to me.

Comments from teacher training seminars:

...Thank you for taking time to meet with our teachers. Your teachings are so enlightening and filled with ideas that we can immediately implement with the children…

…You were so informative and humorous. Thank you for the very practical ideas that you shared…

…Your specific suggestions for modifications in the classroom were so practical and our teachers were complimentary about your help in teaching them what to do when they work with a child who has special needs…

…Thank you for sharing your wealth of knowledge to our staff. Each person commented that they want you back because you were so real about how things are!

…You did it again! The inservice was great and out teachers asked if you could speak all day at a future session. They feel that what you said would really work in the classroom?

..What a motivational speaker you are! How do you do it? Besides teaching us about children who have learning problems, you helped with classroom management and behavioral issues. Our staff has asked when you can come again….

…The time and effort that you are willing to give is so valuable to our staff. Many commented that you always return calls and are willing to answer questions even though you are very busy. Thank you for keeping your door open to our needs.

…Your approach is so professional and well-prepared. Besides being intelligence and
knowledgeable, you are compassionate. Thank you for sharing with us.